Our Doll Ministry

Gregory & Gracie

Our doll ministry started in June of 2008 from a request to make
dolls from a simple pattern to ship to Ethiopia. 76 dolls were
made for this project. After completing this project the idea came
about to give them to children that were in the hospital. This idea
expanded to nursing homes, hospices and the VA. This year (2009)
will bring the production of about 2000 dolls.
This ministry brings comfort, love and a warm smile not only to the
faces of the people receiving dolls but also to our many generous
volunteers making the dolls. They are truly a means of reaching out to our
community with with a kind and loving hand. The dolls are simple
cloth dolls with fabric painted faces and decoration. Dolls have been
sent out to Denmark, Holland, India and all across the United States.
For more information on our Doll Ministry please contact the church office
by email or you can call them at 520-747-3745.
Come on and join us create some love.